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Man Drinking Water After Excersice — Natural Spring Water in Ballina, NSW

Drinking water in Ballina


Clean, Fresh Water

For those who want the cleanest, best-tasting water, the choice is simple—Mount Tamborine Springwater. For years, we've provided the best tasting water you can get to our customers in Ballina, Lennox Head, Alstonville, and surrounding areas. And while our focus is clean, purified, great-tasting water, we also provide affordable water coolers and free delivery service.

Our Filtering Process

While we can't give you the deeper details of our filtering and purification process, we can give you a quick breakdown of our process.
  1. Four stage micro-filtering
  2. Sterilised by ultraviolet technology
  3. Quality checked
The water we provide tastes better than our competitors because of our stringent purification process. We start out using some of the cleanest water we can find from a protected source deep underneath Mount Tamborine. Once the water has been sourced and delivered, we run it through multiple purification stages. Doing this guarantees that your water is pure, bacteria-free, great-tasting and ABWI certified.
Happy Family — Natural Spring Water in Ballina, NSW

ABWI Certified

The ABWI model requires water processing to follow strict guidelines to be certified. The water has to be tested both at the source and while being processed and bottled. The certification requires the water to adhere to quality and safety standards required by the ABWI. Plus, accreditation must be maintained through annual audits and continual reports to the ABWI. We are one of the spring water providers that have ABWI and HACCP certification. When it comes to purity, we provide the cleanest water available.


Mick Shea is the owner/operator of Mount Tamborine Springwater. His desire to provide a friendly, trustworthy service at affordable prices is what makes customers come back for more. Our free delivery service is second to none, with ultra-fast deliveries (most in two days or less) that keep you hydrated throughout the year.